goodnight everywone!!

francine! a really cheerful bun with cute fashion.

THANK U. you are marina. really sweet, pastel, super cute. not a squid but octopus

i don't know u super well, but ruby :v because she's the cutest bun, imho.

y’know i have never gotten the chance to have ruby in my town!! she’s so cute tho! ;^; i dont know u super well either but my immediate thought was kabuki anD IM NOT QUITE SURE WHY???

ACTUALLY im changing my answer to Merengue because he's a cutie and she's a cute lil pastry chef *u*

i want to say, appearance-wise, fuschia and diana remind me of u?? like candy colors and totally cute but you are super sweet so fauna’s personality is more suitable!!!

you remind me of Carmen !! bc shes cute peppy and my favorite bunny next to francine and chrissy <3

you get to be peaches because i associate you with ponies a lot and peaches is a cute pink horse it is v fitting

since that RUUUDE anon took my idea by saying youre like chrissy, what character would i be?